Now - September 2020


When I stumbled across Koos Looijesteijn’s now page, I had never seen such a page. But apparently many more have been inspired by Derek Sivers' /now page movement.

I liked the idea, so here goes:

What am I doing now?

Living in a small town called Huissen in the Netherlands with my wife and 2 sons.

Working at a big lighting company in the south of the Netherlands, automating release and system test infrastructure.

During the evenings, or in the weekends I spend some time on CoderDojo Nijmegen of which I’m a mentor and the developer of the new Hugo based website. It is open-source and can be found on our Github pages here.

What’s next?

Summer holiday is over and my wife and children are back to school. I’m continuing to work from home as I have done since March 9th due to Covid-19 measures in the Netherlands.

Using a VPN connection into my company’s network, I can work in my home office as if at the office: coding, documenting and calling with colleagues. I’m using IntelliJ, Teams, Jira, Confluence, SSH tunnels and more.

Beside sitting at my desk, I also started losing weight and sporting since the start of this year. With some backlash during the first Covid-19 months, I continued full throttle at the end of July when my wife decided to join in. So, now you will continue to find us in the gym three times a week.

See you soon! Bas

Inspired by Derek Sivers.

August 30, 2020